Hands in Harmony is passionate about offering a variety of collaborative services including but not limited to; music therapy, on site adapted music lessons, dance/movement classes, art classes, and sign language groups. We also cotreat with a variety of related disciplines.

Nicole O’Malley with client Maddie Manglass, a teenager who has been receiving music therapy services for nearly 10 years. Maddie has developmental delays and is non-verbal. O’Malley is a music therapist and owner of "Hands in Harmony" located at 213 Robinson Street, Wakefield. Legislation is being proposed to register certified music therapists so patients are sure of getting a qualified health care professional. PBN PHOTO/Michael Salerno


Mainstream music therapy into Neurologic Facilities, Medical Hospitals, Schools, Early Intervention, etc. through RI.

To represent music therapy as an evidence based practice throughout RI.

Expand services offered (specific services listed above).

Offer collaborative services for clients.  We are striving to create a facility where all therapists truly collaborate to meet the needs of clients (including co-treatments and client meetings).

Offer simultaneous services for clients and families (ie client can attend music therapy session, sibling can take class or lesson and parents can take yoga class or dance lesson at the same time in the same center).

Offer accessible services for a variety of clientele (including deaf community).  Make Hands in Harmony accessible to all clients.


Hands in Harmony offers music therapy services in a variety of ways, including:

  • In clinic

  • In school

  • In home

  • Adaptive on-site music lessons

  • Groups

  • Community presentations/in-services